Your NEXT Education!

Welcome to your NEXT Education, where we have discovered the education of the future is …

  • Parent-directed
  • Classical
  • Christian
  • Right here in Youngstown, Ohio in the Mahoning Valley
  • Accessible to Mahoning County, Trumbull County, Columbiana County
  • Great for homeschool support

We are a local homeschool hybrid support group in Youngstown, Ohio, dedicated to delivering¬† top tier education. We are conveniently located very near the Youngstown State University (YSU) campus. We meet two days a week to offer a blend of education that is half like school and half like homeschool — the name that people use is “hybrid homeschool.”

We allow part-time enrollment. This is great for homeschool parents who just need a little extra enrichment for their children’s education. All NEXT Education classes meet just one day a week, which helps with the time commitment, and gas money, too. Please check out our flexible enrollment options!

Like we said, welcome to your NEXT Education!

WEBMASTER NOTE: Our website is “open during construction,” so please pardon any problems you may discover. We are updating it frequently.

Quality hybrid homeschool support for Youngstown Ohio

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