From worst to best

The 2012-13 school year could easily have been my worst.

I had experienced a recent loss in my family, and my husband was working far away and had a very long commute that year. I had a toddler and two older children, as well.

But when I planned that school year, I realized that I would need support through that year, so I recruited a teacher to come to my home once a week. We had group classes in my home, with a paid teacher. I worked with the younger children and did not ask for payment. Instead, my friends took my kids at other times during the week to say thank you.

Ordinarily, in every normal year of my homeschool life, I had experienced a winter burnout. In fact, January and February often found me thinking about quitting homeschooling entirely, due to burnout.

But this particular year, when I really should have experienced worse burnout than ever before (given all the strain I was under), I hit January … and I was happy as a clam! I loved having everyone descend on my house every week for a big happy party. The teacher I was working with always had a wisecrack and an encouraging word. And the kids brought energy and enthusiasm for everything they did. (Like kids always do when they are together!)

That year I was just fine, as a homeschool mother. As a matter of fact, far from giving up in January (like I usually did in the dead of winter when I was stuck at home by myself), I started planning for a short co-op science class that would be held in April and May of that year, also in my home.  In the end, 15 kids came and they all loved it so much they are still talking about it!

That year when we wrapped things up, my kids and I agreed that the day we had a school in our home was our favorite day of the week. We looked forward to it every week!

As a matter of fact, I made the statement that I was at peace with homeschooling. I said I would never again look back. I was okay with being a homeschooler … it was a life that worked for me and I loved it. I swore I was never again going to look at cyber school websites, private school websites, or public school websites because I wasn’t going to burn out now that I knew how to avoid it. I was happy with my lot in life and I believed it would always be that way.

Now we are ready to take that seed of a dream (the tutoring service in our home) and move it to a professional location! Youngstown, Ohio, is the location for the hybrid homeschool education of our dreams!

NEXT Education will be opening soon to serve homeschool families by taming the education monsters and eliminating homeschool burnout!

Are you called to homeschool but feeling burned out? You are in the right place … and YES THIS REALLY WILL HELP!!!!!!!!

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