Time to exit public school?

Here at NEXT Education, it has surprised us how many parents we meet who have concerns about their children’s emotional safety in school because of bullying.

At NEXT Education we are providing a viable alternative for parents who feel that public school is not the best place for their children, right now… And yet feel the need for support rather than “going it alone.”

There are many reasons children are bullied or mistreated in school. Some of those reasons may center on the child’s faith, or the faith-based beliefs the child holds. Others may center on hair color or other personal traits.

So who is right? Those who say to send kids to school, or those who say that it’s best to homeschool?

At NEXT Education we believe in empowering parents to decide. Period.

It is a good place for your child? It is up to YOU to decide. Here are a few thoughts to bear in mind.

1.  It might not be fine!

IF your kids are telling you that they are having problems at school don’t tell them it’s fine. It might not be fine at all. Many current homeschool parents have pulled their kids out of school based on a gut instinct, and only six months later, in the peace of the home setting, found out why (with the details they would have liked to have known earlier).

2. Bullying is one form of trauma.

Bullying is a traumatic experience, and our brains lock up in  when they are traumatized. It is similar to clinical PTSD. You know how Vietnam war veterans never talk about the war? Well… if your kids are traumatized they are going to want to avoid talking about it, too. Don’t expect your kids to be able to explain why they need to be rescued. The worse it is, the less they will probably say.

3. If you look in their eyes and your heart knows, then don’t let your brain talk you out of it.

Believe your kids, because if you don’t nobody else will. Know what you know, and remember that being supportive of the school is easy: you can be supportive of the school by avoiding nasty comments. Your child, on the other hand, needs your support in a lot more ways that that. Supporting your child means… your loving arms, your listening ear, and your time and attention.

You will never regret loving your kids even when it’s hard!