Homeschooling outcomes

You want your kids to get a good education, right?

And you wonder whether you really can “get it right,” so that they can learn and grow?

This is a fantastic research-based article that describes the typical outcomes for home-based education in Canada, based on their sample of 37 students.

The researchers found that it is very important to use STRUCTURE in the methods and materials chosen (we strongly advocate — and use — a structured approach to homeschooling at NEXT Education!) rather than just letting kids learn in an unstructured way (sometimes called “unschooling.”)

Here is a quick quote from the article:

Canadian kids receiving structured home schooling are testing very well, and it’s not merely a reflection of their parents’ affluence or educational levels.

But the story may be very different for kids who receive unstructured homeschooling.

In every test area, unstructured homeschoolers got lower scores than the structured homeschoolers did.

In 5 of 7 areas, the differences were substantial, ranging from 1.32 grade levels for the math test to 4.2 grade levels for the word identification test.

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