Decline of Play

This excellent video should give us a better idea of what the benefits of play are.

Peter Gray, Ph.D. presents “The decline of play.”

He says that “The Schoolish View” has spread beyond the classroom when we believe that things are best learned from adults instead of through self-directed play.

During the decline of play we have seen an increase of mental disorders like suicide and depression. Kids don’t believe they have control over their own lives (external locus of control), which leads to anxiety. Kids are measuring as being less creative.

And this all happened at the same time as the decline of play.

Could it be there’s a tie here? Wow, I sure do agree there could be.

Best quote:

“We need to be brave enough to stand up against the clamor for more school.”

Here at NEXT Education we are cutting down the requirements and trying to leave time for … whatever it is that children want to do! And that thing that this child wants to do when left alone … is what we believe will prepare them best for the thing they will do when they are grown and fully matured into their life purpose.

It’s a key concept that WE (parents) don’t have to be (shouldn’t be and can’t be) the ones who figure out what that is that they will do. (Although we might have to guide them away from some things that will only waste their time so they develop the ability to play freely.)