NEXT Education is an educational service providing classes to homeschooled students in Youngstown, Ohio.

Mission Statement

Next Education seeks to develop innovative educational solutions that address a child’s need for family, physical health, spiritual actualization, and technological guidance in the Information Age. Next Education is a Christian, missional organization that seeks to send exceptional leaders out, prepared to lead with integrity that is based in eternal spiritual values, innovation that has been fueled by family support, and physical and technological readiness fitting to our times.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is centered on the idea that every child has a purpose, and that education helps them to fulfill their purpose.

Our Principles

Our principles of development are:

  • Parent-directed education
  • Classical education
  • Christian education
  • Hands-on science
  • Business education

To hear more, check out our video that has the online information meeting. Click here for “more information!”

Homeschool support for Youngstown Ohio