The education we provide is both classical and Christian.

Christian Education Overview

We uphold the Apostles’ Creed. We respect differences in the faith of our families.

We teach morality, self-discipline, Bible memorization, and a Judeo-Christian worldview as defined by the Bible. We believe that teachers and administrators are mentors, and that they should be able to provide answers to students who are asking questions about matters of truth and faith.

Our basis is as a Christian school. We serve those of the Christian faith, but we are also open to those who hold different beliefs yet respect the Christian faith enough to participate fully in our school (including attending all assemblies scheduled during school hours, and allowing children to talk freely and honestly with their teachers and administrators).

Classical Education Overview

Modern education has dominated the landscape during your lifetime, your parents’ lifetimes, your grandparents’ lifetimes, and possibly even your great-grandparents’ lifetimes. But Classical education is what came before John Dewey invented our current system. Classical education was successful for thousands of years, and was the secret of the success of the one-room schoolhouses that dominated the American frontier. (Mind you, our television and movies about school teachers who teach in the American frontier do NOT represent the actual methods of those teachers! If you have read Anne of Green Gables you might have a better idea what it was really like!)

Classical education is divided into stages. Unfortunately, the names of these stages are misleading to people today. These stages are listed below. Please read more about these stages under the “Classical Overview” on the drop-down menu

The Grammar Stage (roughly grades K-6)

The Dialectic Stage (roughly grades 7-8)

The Rhetoric Stage (roughly grades 9-12)

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