Kindergarten to Sixth Grade

In Classical education, the first stage of education¬†makes kids LEARN and REMEMBER. It’s not a cram-and-forget model, but rather a model of remembering what we learn … for life!

Our Classical memorization program from Claritas Publishing serves as a spine for our elementary program.

We have organized this plan into a year-by-year rotation, which you can view in the following document:

Elementary Grid — CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

2017-18 Course List for Elementary School



  • History with Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times, including activities and map work **
  • English:
    • Grade 6 (Grade 5 may elect a placement with this class or the other class) studies with middle school, with literature selections that emphasize ancient times (coordinating with history) and Christian morality (with William McGuffey’s readers), writing lessons from The Lost Tools of Writing as well as other writing exercises (paragraph level writing), and a multi-level grammar program called Fundamental Grammar from Claritas Publishing *
    • Grades 2-4 (Grade 5 may elect a placement with this class or the other class) studies writing from Writing Strands 2 (sentence level writing) and Fundamental Grammar Workbook for the Lower Grammar Stage from Claritas Publishing
  • Science:
    • Grade 6 (Grade 5 may elect either class, but must stay with the same level selected for English) with Cells, Protozoa: A Poseidon Adventure, Botany in 8 Lessons, science project, and a 3-D Printing short course at Youngstown Business Incubator *
    • Grades 2-4 (Grade 5 may elect a placement with either class, but must stay with the same level selected for English) with Life Science, which follows the memory work from the Classical Studies class
  • Classical Studies Cycle 1 with Claritas, a memorization program with memory work in Timeline, English Grammar, Math, Science, Scripture, History, Hymn, Geography, and Latin. **
  • Art (only students in the Grades 2-4 Writing and Science track will attend this specific course, since students in the Grade 6 track will express their artistic interests in Science class through science-related crafts and projects)
  • Music **
  • Geography Review **
  • Math Lab, where students play with math concepts with a tutor and other children their age (we will be using many manipulatives) according to a topic of the day, not according to their individual curriculum demands (this helps them learn math concepts, because they study it at a different time and a different way at Math Lab) **
  • Math at home (your choice): We recommend Singapore Math (once a year you will study fractions, low repetition) or Saxon Math (once you have fractions you will practice one problem each day for the rest of the year), but your selection of math curriculum is up to you. Homeschool teachers are responsible for all grading of math papers, as well as specific teaching of concepts and practices. Math Lab is a supplement not an instructional program. **

(*) Denotes courses that will also include some students from grades 7 and 8. Literature selections will be differentiated by level.
(**) Denotes courses that ALL students in grades 2 to 6 will attend.

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