Ninth to Twelfth Grade

High school students should be engaged in the pursuit of truth, and arguing for truth with logic skills. Our goal is to build them up and also to develop their career goals through meaningful conversation with the business people in our local area.

The NEXT Education plan allows for more student interaction by allowing students to mix across grade levels as often as possible. The focus isn’t “what do you take as a freshman? sophomore? junior? senior?” but rather “what will we be offering in 2018? 2019? 2020?”

High School Grid – Here is the downloadable version of a grid that shows the rotation we have planned (variations will be necessary at times, such as this year when we are offering the basic writing course instead of the advanced writing course).

2017-18 Course List for High School

Full course list:

  • History with Take A Stand: Ancient Civilizations, including Socratic discussion and critical thinking skills **
  • English, with literature selections that emphasize ancient times (coordinating with history) and Christian morality (with William McGuffey’s readers), writing lessons from Homeschool Connections (depending on the course this may include grammar review and vocabulary practice, or novel writing, or journalism writing — these parent-selected independent study courses will be monitored by a tutor and given written feedback for improvement)
  • High school chemistry, with Homeschool Connections, from Prentice Hall Chemistry (labs included on campus days)
  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 2
  • Spanish 3 and 4 – Please contact us about the availability of Spanish 3 and 4
  • Either this year or next year, we hope to offer a short-term missionary trip to a Spanish-speaking area within the United States along with the students’ Spanish teacher during the month of May (or another time as agreed upon) for an immersion language experience that also allows our students to bless others
  • Introductory Logic (Nance & Wilson) with Applications and a Mock Trial experience **
  • Business class, including “Biz3D,” a 16-week course created by Youngstown Business Incubator, taught by YBI staff members, and a discussion of The E Myth along with speakers from local businesses to help students with career selection
  • Math Lab (supervised homework time with a tutor)
  • A 7-week course on Math used in the advanced sciences, which will allow students to take their algebra knowledge with them to tackle Chemistry with confidence (this will occur at the beginning of the school year)
  • HOMESCHOOL CONNECTIONS SUBSCRIPTION  IS NOT OPTIONAL FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ($30 per month for 8 months is the minimum), and includes:
  • Daily Math Videos for Saxon Math are available from Homeschool Connections. Grading is also available from Homeschool Connections for a minimal additional charge.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) is available from Homeschool Connections as an independent study course.
  • Many other courses are also available as independent study courses from Homeschool Connections. (See catalog.)

(**) Denotes courses that will also include some students from grades 7 and 8. Course work will be differentiated by level, but discussion will be more lively with a larger class.

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