Seventh to Eighth Grade

Middle school students are learning to think for themselves. Classical education keeps them from getting tricked into stupid beliefs by teaching them critical thinking skills.

We have organized these courses into a middle school rotation of classes, which will guide us on the road.

Middle School Grid — CLICK TO DOWNLOAD!

2017-18 Course List for Middle School

Full course list for 2017-18:

  • History with Take A Stand: Ancient Civilizations, including Socratic discussion and critical thinking skills **
  • English, with literature selections that we write about, writing lessons from The Lost Tools of Writing as well as other writing exercises, and a multi-level grammar program called Fundamental Grammar from Claritas Publishing *
  • Science with Cells, Protozoa: A Poseidon Adventure, Botany in 8 Lessons, science project, and a 3-D Printing short course at Youngstown Business Incubator *
  • Visual Latin, a one-year Latin DVD course
  • Introductory Logic (Nance & Wilson) with Applications and a Mock Trial experience **
  • Math Lab (supervised homework time with a tutor)
  • Daily Math Videos for Saxon Math are available from Homeschool Connections. Grading is also available from Homeschool Connections.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) is available from Homeschool Connections as an independent study course.
  • Many other courses are also available as independent study courses from Homeschool Connections.

(*) Denotes courses that will also include some students from grades 5 and 6. Literature selections will be differentiated by level.
(**) Denotes courses that will also include some students from grades 9 through 12. Course work will be differentiated by level, but discussion will be more lively with a larger class.

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