The admission process at NEXT Education is designed to:

  1. Clarify your educational needs.
  2. Clarify your family’s challenges.
  3. Determine the best fit for your family.

The process is a little bit different for one-day enrollment, versus two-day enrollment.

Two-day enrollment

The two-day enrollment at NEXT Education is considered a “full-time” enrollent. Full-time enrollment, for us, means two full 6.5 hour days, both Tuesday and Thursday. The admission process is based on a philosophy of determining whether there is a fit between your family and NEXT Education, and then finding a way to make it happen. The goal is to create a strong community at NEXT, where kids and parents are empowered to reach their God-given dreams through education.

One-day enrollment

Part-time (that is, Tuesday-only program, or a la carte for high school students) enrollment is a simple process of fee-for-service. Rather that providing extensive information and spending time determining whether the entire program at NEXT Education is a good fit for your family, you just sign up for classes and pay the related fees. Please note that one-day classes do assign homework, and that faithful completion of homework is expected, to the extent of the ability of the child and family. Please see the One-day Enrollment page for more information.

For further information and downloadable paperwork, please review the following pages:

Two-Day Students

Two-Day Enrollment Forms

One-Day Students & Enrollment Forms


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