Two-Day Students

“Full-time” enrollment at NEXT Education means two 6.5-hour days. Families find that attending these two academic days, which assign homework for the other three days, allows students to complete most of their academic goals.

The admission process is based on a philosophy of determining whether there is a fit between your family and NEXT Education, and then finding a way to make it happen. The goal is to create a strong community at NEXT, where kids and parents are empowered to reach their God-given dreams through education.

The two-day enrollment process is based on three surveys, to determine whether NEXT Education is a good fit. These three surveys are the basis for our admissions process:

  • Do you believe that learning should be an adventure?
  • Do you want your kids to develop an appreciation for many different fields of study, truly seeing the beauty in each one?
  • Do you believe in cementing information with unique learning experiences that will let students remember facts and concepts (even if that does mean playing a board game in high school, or singing a silly song to help remember key facts)?

If you answered “yes” to our brief survey questions about the joy of learning, then it sounds like you will love NEXT Education!

  • Do you want your kids to get a solid education that covers the bases?
  • Do you want your kids to use their potential and bring it into real life experiences where talents are revealed and perfected?
  • Do you want your kids to be able to work with others to achieve real results … so they will have the skills to change the world for the better?
  • Do you believe in fostering responsibility by teaching kids to faithfully complete homework assignments?

If you answer “yes” to the survey questions about the quality of education you are seeking, then it sounds like you will be served by NEXT Education!

  • Do you agree that each child has a purpose and should be educated to fulfill that purpose?
  • As far as you understand the concept of “parent-directed” education, do you agree that parents “have the plan” and should shape the education?
  • Do you agree with the framework of classical education, and support its use as a framework for your children’s education?
  • Do you agree with the framework of Christian faith, or at least accept that this is our stance?
  • Are you supportive of our mission to provide business education as a key component of serving our country and city?

If you answered “yes” to our philosophy of education questions, then it sounds like you understand what we can provide and are willing to participate!

Our admission process is a three-part process.

  1. Check for fit. Starting with the questions from the three surveys at the top of this page, the “check for fit” process is when we determine whether we can provide the education that your family needs. Our staff members will explain and discuss until we reach a consensus about whether the fun-and-academic environment at NEXT Education is a good fit for your students and family. This will be done through a combination of telephone and in-person meetings. (You may also submit an application packet as a first step, if you are confident it’s a good fit for you, and then we can meet as the second step in the process.)
  2. Complete the paperwork. Download our application packet. Complete it so that the paperwork demonstrates the good fit, and can be reviewed by our admissions and scholarship teams. If you are applying for scholarships, you should also complete the financial questionnaire.
  3. Make it work. Our scholarships are not based on need. They are not based on academic competition. Our scholarships are based on “Good Fit” criteria. If NEXT Education is a good fit, we will work with families, doing our utmost to make it work, financially and logistically. We depend on the good will and generous hearts of our families (we trust that families will pay what they can, and help where they can), so that we don’t embarrass anyone as we figure out what it is going to take to make it work. We will do our best to generate carpool options and schedule concessions to make it work for each individual family to become part of NEXT Education. If it is a good fit, do not hesitate to apply because of the price or logistics. Once we make a scholarship offer, you have 30 days to accept and schedule a payment plan for the balance, or to decline the scholarship offer. (This is so we can offer scholarship money to another family if it doesn’t work for you.)

In the end, our goal is to serve Youngstown and Mahoning Valley by educating children who will be ready to make the future of our nation and our city BRIGHT! Wherever they go, our children will be blessed and they will be a blessing to others!

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