Two-Day Enrollment Forms

Our staff will assist you in completing the educational philosophy survey. In preparation, you may view the questions and be sure to review the web site to answer your questions about our educational philosophy.

Educational Philosophy Survey (click to download)

Once you have become confident that NEXT Education is a good fit for your family and student(s), you need to complete our Application Packet.

NEXT Application for Enrollment (click to download)
Tuition Agreement Form (click to download)
Student Profile (click to download)

If you are applying for a “Good Fit” scholarship, please complete the application form below. It is important that all people ask “What can I give?” rather than “What can I get?” Many famous people have a statement that points to the fact that happiness lies in giving, not getting. We trust that all NEXT Education families will give what they can. This is reflected in the simplicity of our application form.

Good Fit Scholarship Application Form (click to download)

Please mail your application materials to:

NEXT Education
c/o Rachel Conner
3807 Atlantic Ct.
Poland, OH 44514

Questions? Call 330-831-7680.

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