A La Carte Students + Enrollment Forms

The admissions process for a la carte enrollment is simple.

  1. Select classes.
  2. Submit payment in full ($510 per class, times the number of classes you are requesting), along with your application (download below). Mail to: NEXT Education, c/o Rachel Conner, 3807 Atlantic Ct., Poland, OH 44514.
  3. If we cash your check, you are enrolled in the classes requested.
  4. Purchase your books and supplies, including a subscription to Homeschool Connections, if required for your classes.


High School

  • Math Lab (8:30-9:55 Tu -AND- Th)
  • Chemistry (12:05-1:25 Tu)
  • Writing (10:00-10:30 Tu)
  • Spanish 1 or 2 (10:30-11:25 Tu)
  • Business + 3D Printing (1:45-2:45 Tu, at Youngstown Business Incubator)
  • History (10:00-11:25 Th)
  • Logic with Mock Trial (12:05-2:55 Th)

Middle School

  • Math Lab (8:30-9:55 Tu)
  • Science (12:05-2:55 Tu)
  • Writing and Grammar – not offered “a la carte” this year
  • History (10:00-11:25 Th)
  • Logic with Mock Trial (12:05-2:55 Th)

Elementary School

  • Right Start Classical (8:30-11:30 Th)

A la carte classes are available for the low price of $510 per class, which includes the convenient options of staying (self-service nursery is available) or dropping off. As a courtesy, parents are also invited to come for lunch in our lunchroom. Come network with your fellow homeschool parents!

Enrollment form – click to download

Book list – click to download


PLEASE NOTE: Due to space constraints, we cannot grant permission for a la carte enrollment until August. It is our first priority to build a strong program for the students who call us their educational home. Thank you for understanding.

OR… We would love to have you come Tuesday+Thursday!

Our full class list is enough to make parents drool! Check out all the courses listed under “Academics” to get an idea of the benefits of a NEXT Education, for all available grade levels!

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