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The admissions process for individual classes (as opposed to bulk pricing options) is simple.

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Spring 2018 Classes

“Mock Trial” @ NEXT Education (Hubbard)
Grades 7-12
Tuesdays 12:00-1:25 p.m., January 9 to April 24
$200 per student, 14-week class
At some point, most adults have wondered, “What if I got sued? Do I know how to use the court system well enough?” Even worse, what if you were accused of committing a crime? This class will bring students (and parents, if they follow along!) into a familiarity with the legal practices that are a mystery to most citizens. In this Mock Trial experience, students will take the parts of various players in a courtroom, and will prepare a case that will be “tried” at the end of the course. Don’t stand by and let your children remain ignorant of the mechanisms of law and liberty!

“Cells” @ NEXT Education (Hubbard)
Grades 5-8
Thursdays 12:30-3 p.m., January 11 to February 22

$125 per student, 7-week premium class (long time block)
Hands-on science goes to a new level in this course, where you will find students preparing materials for numerous science experiments … but you will also find students learning abstract concepts using innovative techniques like games, puzzles and craft projects! The course is based on “Cells,” a curriculum specifically designed for homeschool groups, and you can see a sample of the curriculum on This is one course where content isn’t sacrificed for fun … but neither is fun sacrificed for content! Kids will learn more than you ever believed possible, and will enjoy their studies at home even more because of the enrichment they receive at NEXT Education on Thursdays!

“Protozoa” @ NEXT Education (Hubbard)
Grades 5-8
Thursdays 12:30-3 p.m., March 1 to April 26

$125 per student, 7-week  premium class (long time block)
If you have ever looked at the cilia on a protozoan and thought they looked like fringe on a couch cushion, you must have a lot in common with the author of this fantastic curriculum about the little tiny things that swim around in pond water. Get ready to make your very own scientific couch pillow, kids!  It’s just one example of the games, activities, experiments, and craft projects we will be using from “Protozoa,” a curriculum specifically designed for homeschool groups. (You can see a sample of the curriculum on High content, high levels of fun! Kids learn so much and have fun all along. Students will come away with a solid understanding of protozoa through their tutor-guided exploration of the world of pond scum!

“Elements of Art” @ NEXT Education (Hubbard)
Grades 7-12
Tuesdays 1:30-2:55 p.m., January 9 to April 24
$200 per student, 14-week class (bring listed materials)
Homeschool mother Amy Jones brings her love of art to life in this studio art class. All art is based on the basic elements and principles of art. The 16 elements and principles will be taught in a studio art environment, along with critique and coordinated study of art history. Students will take their place in the history of creative arts with projects in pencil, ink, paints, and mixed media. Amy is an artist and homeschool mom, and loves sharing her love of art with children and adults alike. Her background in studio art, graphic design, and art history allow her to provide a rounded experience of art.
WHAT TO BRING: Sketchbook with heavyweight paper and a nice quality eraser (art eraser if possible), and an old shirt for a paint smock. Other materials will be provided.

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to space constraints, we cannot grant permission for a la carte enrollment until August, for fall classes or year-round classes. It is our first priority to build a strong program for the students who call us their educational home. Thank you for understanding.


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