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Homeschool collaboration in the news

Guess what?

Forbes Magazine has just declared programs like NEXT Education will be the big winners in the national education shake-up!

At NEXT Education, we say … It’s about time that parents got the flexibility in education that they want and need to bring American education back to a quality level that is truly creating big-hearted citizens for our country!

“What all these educational disruptors have in common is that they are ready to scale. But their market is chained by its obligation to pay for public schools via property taxes. Parents have to pay twice if they want to send their children to independent schools. The scholarship money would make the investment in private school economically feasible, especially when more private options are available.”

Read the full article here

Investment definition

“To invest is to allocate money (or sometimes another resource, such as time) in the expectation of some benefit in the future.”

— Wikipedia (

To be honest, I don’t normally quote Wikipedia. I would have preferred to quote a reputable dictionary or other reputable source. However, this time Wikipedia got my vote because they put the key idea into a clear and concise format. They made it easy to understand what an investment really is!

Let’s see that again… To invest is to:

  • allocate money
  • or allocate time
  • in the expectation
  • of some benefit
  • in the future.

Education is probably the most significant investment you can ever make. Educating a person means releasing their God-given destiny so that they go on to have a significant impact on the world around them … in addition to living a more satisfying life on a personal basis. I cannot think of a more important benefit that I could ever expect in the future, than this!

Sometimes to get the education our children need we have to go out of our way. Perhaps it is worth asking ourselves what we will wish he had done, after all is said and done.

Let’s consider whether these items are expense or investment:

  1. Flowers. You are buying cut flowers to put on your table each week. If you stop doing that, your table will be less beautiful. However, if you keep doing that, are you going to receive a future value that is greater than the price of the cut flowers? Probably not, unless you are doing it for a person in your life who really loves cut flowers THAT much.
  2. New car. You are driving around your new wheels, but at the end of the life of your car it’s only worth the price of new parts. Investment? I don’t think so. On the other hand, for the junkyard that buys your old car for $500 and then sells parts from it for $5,000 … your old car was a very good investment.
  3. New non-fiction book. If you actually take time to read that book and use the information, it could be that this is an investment. You may very well gain a future opportunity or financial reward from knowing more information. If it sits on your shelf and collects dust, it’s just a plain old expense.

Education is probably the most reliable reward out there. Your money invested in a young mind is guaranteed to bring benefits: wiser decisions, better friends, and (likely) a higher salary.

Education opens doors!

Value of education

The value of a good education is that education:

  • Is something that you can’t lose.
  • Makes new possibilities and opportunities.
  • Benefits your children and grandchildren.

This video is from a man who grew up on the rough side of town and now does seminars about the value of an education. He has a foundation set up for the purpose of talking to kids about valuing education.

As parents, we know some things that kids don’t. But we still may forget the TRUE value of education. It is an investment!!

What is YOUR favorite month?

September through May, you will benefit tremendously from enrolling at NEXT Education!

Everyone benefits:

  • Kids have fun.
  • Moms get to rest while kids are at the Writing+Science=FUN program on Tuesdays, because EVERYONE has a class that day (grades 2 to 12).
  • Dads know their kids are getting a good education (there is accountability for NEXT Education classes), and that Mom is happier.
  • Kids learn a lot, which they will realize later.
  • The community is stronger because we can be there for each other through our loving connections, all year round!

Join our community!

HUGE Announcement: One-day enrollment!

We are so happy and proud to announce our primary option for one-day enrollment.


It’s a writing class, plus a science class, and the best thing is that all the kids come at the same time! No waiting, no entertaining the kids who “aren’t having their class right now.”

One drop off. Everybody has great classes for FIVE hours…

One pick up. Everybody goes home with a smile!

(Mom has a smile, too, because she got a break!)

For more information, go to “Academics” and then click on “Writing + Science = FUN” or use the following link:

Writing + Science = FUN (Tuesday only program)

Now hiring teachers!

Teachers are BORN, not made.

You know the kind of teacher I am thinking of: a teacher who seems able to connect to a child’s mind easily, figuring out what the child already knows, and then bringing that child to the next level by laying down one more layer of knowledge. The teaching process is fluid and almost effortless at times. But at the same time, this teacher is putting in the time to be sure that lessons are well organized and can be delivered with excellence. It only looks effortless because this teacher is practicing an art form that has taken countless hours to develop, over the span of many years.

That’s the kind of teacher we want to hire!

At NEXT Education, we want to hire a mix of experienced homeschool parents, and professional teachers. The goal is that each will make the other one better!

It is obvious how professional teachers will set the bar for quality in education. Homeschool parents who work at NEXT Education will learn from professional teachers who work at NEXT Education… classroom management skills, teaching strategies, and time management tips, to mention a few. This will make the homeschool parents sharper at their classroom delivery while on campus. And professional teachers have so much to teach us all, since what they do is teach and they have been given a gift from God to do so.

However, homeschool parents who work at NEXT Education also have been given a gift from God to teach. Although they don’t have a teaching degree, experienced homeschool parents still have a lot to offer professional teachers, because homeschool parents know what it is like to be homeschoolers. Homeschool teachers have been forced to develop skills in multi-age learning, and will bring a mental flexibility that is born out of necessity in each homeschool. This mental flexibility combined with homeschool experience, will keep the education cooperation between NEXT and the families manageable for everyone, which will help professional teachers provide exceptional support to homeschool families.

Do you know someone who would be a great teacher for NEXT Education to hire?

We would love to hear about teachers looking for a part-time, flexible job with great people on a great mission!

Resumes welcome, or a description of the relevant information if that is a more realistic place to start. (We get it, experienced homeschool moms… we know you’re holding down a big job right now!)

nextedinformation @

Business classes

If you NEVER want your child to hold down a job, then this post isn’t for you.

If you’re still reading, I’m going to assume that you would like your child to …

  • have great teamwork skills
  • be able to share his or her talents
  • be able to appreciate the contributions of others
  • have appreciation for the value of money
  • understand how businesses make money

If you share these goals, I’m sure you will be excited to hear that there is a class at NEXT Education for learning all of that. Business class!!

Our business class for this year will focus on reading The E-Myth. This fabulous myth-busting book shows students how to think about business is a way that avoids common mistakes that business owners make.

In this class students will study business concepts for the first hour. They will read relevant business books, study the history of business, and learn to give presentations from their research on business figures of the past as well as business principles. But this class will meet for longer than some classes, because …

For the next two hours these students will work together in a real business. These students will make business phone calls (no, not everybody has to do that!), write business letters, use business management strategies, have business meetings, make business documents, and perform revenue-generating activities (also known as “work”).

The class will give homework during the first hour, but only the kind that you might get from any business course. When the workday is done, students will leave the real business behind so that it won’t distract them from their age-appropriate tasks, such as homework and chores.

But when they leave NEXT Education and go into the workforce, they will have an incredibly valuable business education as well as a wonderful resume builder. It’s not every kid that works in a real business as an intern during high school!

Our business class is open to students in 9th through 12th grades.

(And when they leave, we expect that some of them will start phenomenal businesses now that they know how! The business connections they will make with each other might be the best thing about the class, in the end!)

Writing in January term

At NEXT Education, we see January as the perfect time to take a break from the routine and do something different. During January term, students and parents get a chance to remember why they are doing what they’re doing.

Is the goal a career in science? January is a great time to prepare a competitive science project!

Is the goal to explore writing a novel? January is a great time to take a course in fiction writing!

The Aquinas Writing program at Homeschool Connections covers all the writing bases, with many courses dedicated to simple skills like grammar and paragraph formation. But it also has a number of courses that they label for high school juniors, in which they develop fiction writing skills. Take a look!

Best quote:

From “Aquinas Writing Advantage Scope and Sequence:”

Course Number: HS 11-6
FICTION WRITING 6: Authoring a Book, Part 1
How it Works, What it Takes, and How to Succeed

Education Revolution?

This think-piece has a slow start, but if you push through, this guy makes some fabulous points about the need to customize education.

We at NEXT Education couldn’t agree more. Customized education is the only way to prepare our children for a lifetime of being happy and healthy, engaged to the hilt at being THEMSELVES, not anyone else.

Best quote:

“These people are not renegades. They are not revolutionaries. They are just ordinary parents who want the best for their children, and the more they move away from one-size-fits-all schooling, the easier it will be to build a critical mass of parents interested in major education reform.”