Graduation Requirements and Homeschool Laws

NEXT Education classes are appropriate for homeschooled students ONLY (public and cyber school students generally are too busy to take classes at NEXT Education, but may be considered for single class enrollment on a case-by-case basis should this be a schedule option).

When you begin to plan for graduation, you will need to be aware that NEXT Education DOES NOT have the power to grant a high school diploma, or any other degree or certification.

However, Ohio law provides that parents of homeschooled students may issue a diploma, and that this diploma is legal for all purposes that you would use any other diploma for.

State law requires that this diploma be accepted for all purposes! You may read about the provisions of Ohio law at this site: (LAWriter Ohio Laws and Rules)

If you live in Pennsylvania you need to comply with homeschool laws for Pennsylvania. You are welcome to attend classes at NEXT Education and they should fulfill many of your graduation requirements … and there is a route for graduation for homeschoolers in that state as well but it is very different from Ohio law. Please ask a Pennsylvania homeschool resident to help you learn more!

NEXT Education does not provide legal services, nor do we provide transcript services. Please be aware that you are legally responsible to comply with all laws for your state of residence on a continual basis, and that you must maintain your schooling records carefully so that you are ready to grant a diploma when the time comes.

Please get the legal advice you need about all legal matters, including but not limited to transcripts and graduation requirements and diplomas.

Additionally, we recommend that all NEXT Education customers maintain a membership with HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) or a similar organization that can provide legal advice regarding homeschooling. Good legal advice is the best way to avoid legal trouble.

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