Homework Expectations

Purpose of Homework

Homework is required at NEXT Education. It is assigned to help students learn the material presented in their classes.

Students need to rehearse things they have learned in order to be ready for more information. Let’s consider the example of horseback riding lessons. Children who are taking horseback riding may sit quietly at home and think about the feeling of being in the saddle so that they may rehearse the need to squeeze the saddle with their knees. Children who do not spend the time thinking about the need to squeeze the saddle are going to spend the next lesson being told to squeeze the saddle. Children who take that time are going to remember this lesson, and the next lesson can be spent on something more difficult. And … children who never do listen and never do squeeze their knees are probably going to get thrown out of the saddle someday!

All it took was some quiet time at home, thinking about what was taught to them and rehearsing the things the teacher told them during the previous riding lesson! And because of this investment of quiet time going over what was learned, the student is now ready to make progress. The student is confident and joyful in the learning, because he or she knows the lesson!

Homework goes back through what students learned and gets them ready to be confident learners the next time they are in the classroom.

And that’s why it’s required.

Levels of Homework

Students are required to complete homework faithfully.

Homework assignments may have an easy part and a hard part, and faithful completion of the easy part may be enough for one student, whereas another student needs to stretch and faithfully complete the entire assignment. The family commitment is to faithfulness to the level of the student’s current ability. Being busy this week isn’t a reason to skip faithful completion of duties. Go ahead and set an example for your students by putting in the extra effort to give them the preparation for their class so they can build confidence and joy in learning.

Crisis Situations

Homework is given to facilitate the learning process, so we ask that students faithfully complete it, rather than allowing illness and vacation to prevent that learning. However, homework is not a punishment, and therefore when major life circumstances occur we do not insist that missed assignments be completed in spite of crisis. Please provide a written note to the child’s teacher, with a parent signature. This is necessary so that we can keep kids honest about missing assignments.

Please avoid scheduling vacations during the times that students have classes scheduled. A vacation isn’t a crisis, but it can turn into a crisis quickly when students get behind in their classes … and all too often, stay behind. Remember, missing “a class” at NEXT Education means missing an entire week of classtime! Don’t do to your kids what you wouldn’t want someone to do to you!!

Thankfully, our class schedule is published in advance and designed to coincide with other schools’ schedules when possible, so you will be able to schedule vacations during weeks that NEXT Education is not in session. (January term is optional, so of course you may choose to vacation instead of being present for this term.)

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