Weather Policy

We follow Hubbard Exempted Village School District.

  • If Hubbard schools are closed, we are closed.
  • If Hubbard schools are delayed, we are open. School district delays are put in place due to hazardous conditions that impact the first bus trips in the very early hours. By the time that our students are on the roads, these early morning conditions will have resolved.
  • Please note that many students have math as a first class, and these students could easily delay their morning arrival without missing specific information, since math tutors work with students one-on-one. (Please encourage students to be on time when the weather is good, though!)
  • Weather-related early closings will be handled on a case by case basis. Please keep your contact information up to date, and if you believe you need to pick your child up early call the NEXT Education office at 330-831-7680.

Please note that if you cannot get to our campus safely, you should always use common sense and NOT attend that day.  If you cannot get home safely if you delay your departure, you should NOT stay beyond what safety allows. Weather conditions can be very localized and our students live in a variety of locations. Please DO let us know by phone or text if you are not going to be attending on a certain day, or if you are leaving early.

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